Better Email Marketing. 

Starts with Better Emails.

Over 50% of the recipients won't get your message. 

Even when delivered!

Surprised? You really shouldn't be...for a few simple reasons:

Starting in 2016 over 50% of the emails are opened on a mobile device. If an email is not responsive, the message is impossible to read and interact with.

Another well known fact is that images will not show up (automatically) for about 50% of the recipients. Emails that rely on images will not get their message across.

Most tools focus on getting to the inbox, but that is only part of the solution. The email has to be easy to read, good looking and clickable. The trash can is patiently waiting for messages that resemble garbage!

Then, how to design unique emails and newsletters that always display their message? The ones that increase engagement, and ultimately opens and deliverability? The answer is simple…

Use Responsive Email Designer.

Visually craft mobile friendly and CSS styled messages.

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